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Theme rooms in cattolica for kidsTheme rooms in cattolica for kids

Peter Pan Room

Sail towards Neverland!

20 mq
2/4 people
2 Balconies

Theme rooms in cattolica for kids

It is immediately evident: the Peter Pan is not just any room, but a work of art that combines fantasy, fairy tale and lots of comfort. The hand-painted walls by the Romagna artist Marianna Achille are an open “page” on the story of the most adventurous child of all time! For mum and dad there is a comfortable bed with a Doleran mattress, while the little ones sleep on a boat-shaped bunk bed, ready to set sail for Neverland!

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Smart Service

With a small supplement, treat yourself to the Smart Service, an extra comfort for traveling light. In the room we provide you:

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