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SUP in Cattolica: emotions and sport by the sea!

Stand Up Paddle in Cattolica is an energizing and magical experience that, as our guest, you can try for half a day, or even for a whole day, using the SUP boards that are available in the hotel!

A few little curiosities about Stand Up Paddle: it is a sport that comes from Hawaii and has ancient origins. It seems that the explorer Cook sighted some natives intent on fishing on floating tables, on which they moved using the oars.

Stand Up Paddle has now become a real sporting activity spread all over the world, almost a fusion between surfing and kayaking. The board is wider and more stable than in the surf, it is used while standing (but if you prefer you can also sit or kneel down) and paddling with the oars.

A discipline based on balance, capable of instilling an all-encompassing sense of freedom: get on board and have fun!

Stand Up Paddle with Chiara

Stand Up Paddle with Chiara

Ciao, I’m Chiara, would you like to… walk on water? Hey, don’t laugh, I’m not kidding! You know, many say that practicing SUP –Stand Up Paddle– is the equivalent of a walk on the water. Try this experience by taking lessons with me: boards can be rented at the hotel, for half a day or for a full day.

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