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An experience in the middle of the sea … Stand Up Paddle (or simply: SUP)!

They say: “… it’s like walking on water”

From this year you can try for half a day or full day the excitement of being in the middle of the sea away from the crowd, relaxing and doing sport paddling with our SUP supplied right here in the Hotel and organized for you.

Historically the Stand Up Paddle arrives from Hawaii and it’s conquering more and more athletes in recent times. It has ancient origins … It is said that in the 18th century the explorer Cook spotted natives who fished with spears standing on tables, using paddles to move.

Years later, the SUP officially becomes a sport and begins to spread in the world faster and faster. Today it is practiced in all continents.

The SUP is a variant of surfing and windsurfing, it is practiced using a board (much larger than those used to surf; wider and more stable) and paddles to move. 

Normally you are standing, but you can also row when sitting or kneeling … it’s all a question of balance!

We could say that it’s a fusion of surfing and kayaking.

So what are you guys waiting for? … Come and have some fun!