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It all began in 1990, when Lisa left the freezing cold Scotland to work as a tour giude in Cattolica, where she met Gianni, born and raised in the hotel of his parents in the center of Cattolica, only a few days after arriving in Italy!

The Italian – Scottish combination seemed to work as they began to run together the small family hotel and where he had Always worked. Eventually this gave them the incentive to look for there own place, where they could have more space to be creative and in 1998 this special place came up … The Gambrinus Mare Hotel was there waiting just for them!

They bacame parents to Chiara & Emma who nowadays work for them in the family business making it the same spirit of  that small hotel where they first met transforming it year after year and after much hard work into a place for families so much clicked and sought after where the British organization and the Italian style has blended toghether creating a perfect union making the hotel today a unique and special experience!

When you cross over the threshold, along with their wonderful friendly staff, it will be them, Lisa & Gianni to welcome you on board, are you ready to come and meet the Gambrinus family?