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How to confirm a reservation;

A deposit of 30% of the total amount of your Holiday will be asked to confirm your reservation. For multiple bookings (more than 3 rooms) 50% will be asked. You can do this by bank transfer with the heading and codes:

Hotel Gambrinus Mare

Banca Popolare Valconca – filiale mare di Cattolica

IBAN: IT 20 Q057 9267 759C C087 0009 477


Please remember to write your name, date of arrival & departure and lastly the name in which your room has been reserved under.

It is also possible to use credit card (MasterCard or Visa) to make a reservation.

By paying the deposit, you will be accepting our booking and cancellation conditions. Your deposit will not be transferable for any other periods.



Cancellations, delayed arrivals or early departures are always unpleasnt situations for bothsides but unfortunately it does happen.

With cancellations made well in advance (or within 30 days of arrival) € 50,00 will be held from your exsisitng deposit for administration fees. We will immediately get to work to resell your room so we can try to return most of your remaining deposit. If we do not sell the room the full amount of the deposit will be retained.

If the cancellation is made from (29 days to 1 day from the arrival) your complete deposit will be held as full compensation.

The hotel advises that arriving a few days late or anticipating the departure will invole the payment of the entire period of stay with the deposit included.

Policy cancellation

(in case insurance is not stipulated)

Cancellations, postponed arrivals or early departures are situations that are always unwelcome on both sides, but unfortunately they can happen.

For any cancellations well in advance [or within 30 days of arrival] Euro 50.00 will be retained for administrative reasons. Later we will work for you to re-sell the room you have booked. If this is successful we will be able to return part of the remaining deposit. In the event that we fail to resell your room, the full amount of the deposit will be withheld.

In case of cancellation on the date [from 30 to 7 days from arrival] the deposit will be retained in full as compensation.

In case of cancellation from 6 days before arrival, for late arrivals or early departures, instead, the entire period of stay will be charged, including the deposit.


With the “Stornohotel” cancellation insurance, you can secure your hotel stay before and during your trip. The policy, in fact, covers the cancellation penalties of your hotel reservation if you have to cancel your trip and guarantees a refund in case of interruption after departure, at a cost of 4% of the total stay, to be concluded within 48 hours following the sending of the deposit.

The contract will be stipulated directly with the insurance company. You can proceed by clicking the following link:


Book the holiday in peace because the money paid as a deposit with the insurance policy INSURED are safe.

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